Mysteries of the city

Original Project

Some supermarket chains in the capital are doing anniversary deals for their clients. The prizes range from a Toyota Hilux SW4 (the list price of the vehicle is 122000 reais), Hirota's offer, to a trip to Spain. In this case, Pão de Açúcar customers who spend more than 60 reais on a purchase are entitled to participate in the draw. The table shows details of these and other examples.

Supermarket Promotion
Hirota Compete for a Toyota Hilux SW4 every 70 reais in purchases
Pão de Açúcar Travel raffle to Spain after spending at least 60 reais
Sonda Chevrolet Onix raffle coupon for every 100 reais consumed
Walmart Discounts of up to 30% on products in the group's online store