Nina and Kika Levy: in their store, red roses bouquets don't hold a place

Nina and Kika Levy: in their store, red roses bouquets don't hold a place


Cool spring

Modern florists conquer clientele with exotic options and personalized arrangements

When entering these shops, do not ask for bouquets of red roses, arrangements of tulips or orchids in ornamental flowerpot. Such classics are part of the black list of the modern version of the cultivations. Inside these unusual spaces, cacti, bromeliads and a series of uncommon varieties reign. "Succulent plants, which can last for a longer period, are among the favorites," says Nina Levy, a partner at Amapá Flowershop. Fashion especialist, she has been directing the studio with her mother in Vila Madalena for over a year now.
Cool neighborhoods are a constant in the addresses of this lode, which is not attached to cemeteries, like many of the traditional competitors. Close to Amapá is A Bela do Dia, runned by Marina Gurgel and Tatiana Pascowitch. The place offers a monthly subscription option (starting at 140 reais) and makes deliveries on bicycles, among other services. "There are more than 50 orders a day," says Marina. Success has been inspiring entrepreneurs to kick off the business. In the last three months, at least two similar stores opened in the city. Located on the top floor of the Galician Metropolis in the center, Selvvva has plants with ceramic adornments and vintage wire objects. The e-commerce Domo Air Plants specializes in species hanging in geometric glasses, sold at prices between 100 and 300 reais. "It's a very common thing outside the country," says partner Fernanda Motta.
Another international trend that these entrepreneurs have captured are the terrariums - potted miniature gardens. At Flo Atelier Botanico in Pinheiros, there are bottled jelly versions, from 59 reais, and personalized ones, for up to 859 reais. In Jardim do Pote, in Vila Malalena, the small scenarios include lamps, teapots and pendants. Geologist Artur Iró ordered a glass-ball with a tiny reproduction of the house of Bilbo Bagger, from The Lord of the Anis (450 reais). "My girlfriend is a fan of the series, so I found it cooler than a regular arrangement."


The hit options of the season

AIR PLANTS starting from 100 reais at Domo Air Plants
BROMELIAS starting from 60 reais at Amapá Flowershop
CACTUS starting from 20 reais at Selvvva
MINIPINEAPPLE starting from 7 reais in an assorted bouquet at A Bela do Dia
SUCCULENT PLANTS at average 185 reais the vase at Flo Atelier Botânico
TERRÁRIOS starting from 15 reais at Jardim no Pote