Mysteries of the city

The movie comercials

Product placement looks like the old and good merchandising. It consists on inserting a brand or a product into a film or television production. This has been the strategy of several companies from São Paulo to attract more attention to their business. The cost of a publicity action of the type varies, on average, from 500,000 to 1 million reais. Check the table for some recent examples:

Brand Movie Exhibition year Product Placement
Trousseau Até que a Sorte Nos Separe 2012 Jane (danielle Winits) goes to a Trousseau Petit store
to buy baby clothes
Netshoes Odeio o Dia dos Namorados 2013 Débora (Heloísa Périssé) discusses in her company ideas of advertising
actions for Netshoes, the e-commerce specialized in sports articles
Rei do
Crô – O Filme 2013 With a glass of Chá Mate tea, the protagonist Crô (Marcelo Serrado) looks
for a girl who escaped from a regime of slavery
Vivara Os Homens São de Marte:
e é pra Lá que Eu Vou
2014 Fernanda (Mônica Martelli) goes to Vivara on Iguatemi Mall to try on a
wedding ring