In the bottom it says: With stories from reporters Alessandra Freitas and Raphael Martins. I selected and translated the ones I wrote. 

Andean stars

With the goal of promoting a feast among peoples in the year of the World Cup, Gringos Cup brought together 24 teams formed by foreigners living in the capital or passing through here. The initiative, created by the French journalist Stéphane Darmani, ended in June after Cameroon won the title. It was so successful that it boosted another similar tournament, the Gringos League. Disputed on points system, the competition counted on twenty selections of immigrants distributed in two divisions. Players were contacted by the respective consulates and matches took place at the Pompeii Playball in the West Zone between September and mid-December. The winning team was Bolivia, who had already made its name during the Gringos Cup, in which it won the runner-up. The intention is that the tournament will become a tradition in the city and will be played again in 2015.

New ares on Rebouças Avenue

The new WZ Hotel Jardins thirty-story building has become a lively and interactive attraction at Avenida Rebouças, in the block between Oscar Freire Street and Alameda Lorena. Called to modernize the building facade, built in the 1970s to host another a different business, the architect Guto Requena drew inspiration from the atmospheric pollution of the capital. Thus, it installed 213 LED luminaires that switch color according to the variation of air quality, captured by sensors. If the situation is breathable, they will be green. When there is an excess of suspended particles, they will be red (more tones and levels in the table below). The initiative cost 16 million reais and was inaugurated in the second half of December.

Atmospheric quality

  • Green: great
  • Blue: good
  • Purple: medium
  • Orange: bad
  • Red: terrible