In the bottom it says: With stories from reporters Alessandra Freitas and Felipe Neves. I selected and translated the ones I wrote. 

Mysteries of the city

Housekeeper one click away

Two years after the Housekeeper law reformulation, which guaranteed more rights to the category, the homes of São Paulo try to adapt to the new scenario. Because of that, platforms on the internet have replaced the old word of mouth of indications. Launched in October, the free app Bicos is the most recent of this crop and offers the advantage of ranking the professionals in order of evaluation. Casa e Café, in December, created a geolocation tool to find nearby candidates. Below, details of services:

Residential Address Release year Impaired owners Average price of apartments *
Bela Cintra Residence Bela Cintra street, 336/338, Jardins 2001 208 59 000 reais
Jardim Anália Franco Francisco Marengo street, 1210, Tatuapé 2001 264 90 000 reais
Liberty Boulevard Conselheiro Furtado street, 868, Liberdade 2002 288 42000 reais
Residencial Casa Verde Reims street, 120, Casa Verde 2001 336 54 000 reais
Residencial Maison Piaget Pelegrino street, 164, Santana 2002 64 93 000 reais
Residencial Torres da Mooca Marina Crespi street, 160/162, Mooca 2000 252 54000 reais

Neighborhood sharing

Launched in December, the website Tem Açúcar? encourages people to lend objects to their neighbors. Among the most borrowed items are fans and vacuum cleaners. This notion of collaborative economics was also the inspiration for the Bliive site, which allows users to switch hours of work. Created in 2013, it has 13,000 users registered in the capital.

How they work

  • Bliive: Each hour of work in a service is equivalent to a "TimeMoney", which can be exchanged for another activity, such as receiving guitar lessons
  • Tem Açúcar?: After a user searches for an object, nearby residents are notified and, if they are willing to donate or lend it, a chat is opened