Mysteries of the city

Original Project

This Saturday (11), an exhibition about Caetano de Campos school will be opened. Organized by an alumna, the architect Patrícia Golombek, the show can be seen until November 29th with free entrance. She reminds of defining moments of the 132 years of the school, which had amongst its students the writers Oswald de Andrade and Lygia Fagundes Telles. One of the main attractions of the event is a mockup that rebuilds the building designed by Antonio Francisco de Paula and Ramos de Azevedo. In order to build it, Patrícia counted on the help of other professionals and students of SENAC; they based the project on the original plant and on other documents of the time. The school moved to the Praça da República's building in 1984. Nowadays, the Education secretary is based on the address. 

Open air work out

About 400 people gather together in the Ibirapuera park throughout the week to practice Mahamudra (in sanskrit, the word means "the highest conscience level that a human being can reach"). It's about a new method that mixes martial arts and yoga, among other modalities. Besides decreasing stress, an hour of session helps defining the muscles and may result in burning more than 700 calories. The monthly fee for the apprentices is 250 reais, and they participate in activities with a group of approximately 25 people. Once a month teachers offer free experimental lessons in the park.