Mysteries of the city

Center secrets

Accustomed to crossing the center on skateboards, designers Fernando Ostlund and Rafael Pavan decided to list details of the region in the book Triângulo São Paulo - A Guide to Lose Yourself in the Center (Culture Station, 114 pages, free). Hybrid travel book and architectural guide, the work lists 31 points located within a triangular perimeter (therefore, the title) formed by Praça da Sé, Largo São Francisco and Largo São Bento. In parallel, they are organizing visits to the highlighted sites, leaving the Associação Viva o Centro, at Rua da Quitanda, 80. More information: ☎ +55 (11) 3556-8999.

Open air work out

Launched a few years ago, Vivara's Life bracelets and Pandora's The Moments became popular in 2014. Several jewelry stores on 25th March sell imitations of these accessories, which stand out for the various pendants. The holidays are the theme of new items in both brands. There are pieces from New Year's that alludes to peace and good fortune to Christmas-related releases, such as snowmen, cupcakes and gifts. For those who want to carry the love for the capital in the arm, Vivara offers the I Love SP pendant for 150 reais. Check below the preferred models by the girls in Sao Paulo in each of the stores:

Pandora Vivara
1st Real crown: 105 1st Crown: 70
2nd Surrounded by faith: 225 2nd Clover: 70
3rd Surrounded by hope: 225 3rd Eiffel Tower: 100
4th White pave: 265 4th Princess: 170
5th Nacre heart: 175 5th Dog: 100