The oven that made the Panettone grow

The inauguration of the Bauducco factory in 1962 helped to spread the dessert in the country

Of the traditional Christmas treats, panettone is among the most appreciated by Brazilians. This preference, however, was only consolidated in the second half of the twentieth century. Until then, the sweet of Italian origin was restricted to small confectionery of the colony. The story began to change in the early 1950s when the immigrant Carlo Bauducco (1906-1972) opened a shop on Avenida Celso Garcia in the Brás neighborhood. In 1962, he inaugurated a factory in Rua Endres, in Guarulhos (it's located in the same address to this day), industrializing the production process. Thus, the brand that takes his surname came to contribute decisively to the popularization of the revenue here. The 65 million panettones that leave annually from the company ovens are sold almost exclusively between August and December. Today the company has five factories in the country and employs approximately 5,000 people.


Upper photo: The production line in Guarulhos, in the 70's: until now in operation

Bottom photo: he founder among employees, in the original store, in Brás:
The Italian bet on the recipe