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Inspired on military training, Crossfit gets a version for children

Created to simulate military training, crossfit became fashionable in São Paulo's academies two years ago. Performed on circuits with equipment such as rings, tires and ropes, it is able to make the practitioner burn up to 800 calories in half an hour. A more lenient version of the activity began to be offered recently to children at some places in the capital. In this variety, the instructors abandon the executioner style and introduce playful elements of the infant universe.
Thus, sequences of jumps on devices gain curious names like Position of the Gorilla or Tarzan. "Games encourage the children to follow the steps," says Professor Daniele Paiva, of CrossFit Moema, who charges a monthly fee of 300 reais. In the Bodyour Shopping Eldorado unit, the children's version debuted a year ago and costs 375 reais per month. There are thirty students, divided into age groups of 3 to 5 years and 6 to 10. "The exercises aim to improve psychomotor development," explains the director of the network, Eduardo Netto.
Parents approve the results in their children. "My daughter's balance has improved and now she is riding a bicycle without wheels," celebrates Juliana Manzoli, Cecilia's 6-year-old mother, who started practicing the sport in January. The activity has also proved effective for those who need health care. "Since she started doing the exercises, she lost 2 pounds of fat," says entrepreneur Felipe Garkalns, owner of Crossfit Academy 5511 and father of Valentina, 9. Student Pedro Basile, 13, has participated in two competitions since joining the Activity, a year ago.
At Wod Games in August, in the Continental Park Club in Jaguaré, he got 18th place in the beginner category. Last month, he won the third position at Teen Gauntlet, a tournament restricted to 12 to 18 year olds in São José dos Campos. "I do not think about pursuing a career, it's just a hobby," he explains. Health professionals warn that care needs to be taken with the practice of these exercises. "Until the onset of hormonal development, one should not take excessive weight at all," says physiotherapist Priscila Do Val. "Overload can dislodge bone cartilage, cause lesions, and affect growth."

> Bodytech. Shopping Eldorado, 2nd subsoil, ☎ 2197-7333. 375 reais
the monthly fee.

> CrossFit Moema. Alameda dos Maracatins, 404, Moema, ☎ 97521-6809. 300 reais the monthly fee.

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